Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Taal Cathedral.jpgAfter a looooong hiatus, I’m finally back in the blogosphere. Yay!

I’m sparing you the details, the why’s and the how’s (the juicy part, I know) but in a nutshell — 2016 was one helluva year. It literally drove me nuts, up to a point where I had to regularly see a psychiatrist. True story.

If there’s one page that I would tear off my life book, that’s it —  the year 2016. It’s worth drinking a glassful of water from the river of Lethe. I’d be real blunt and honest about it — I hate it to the bone. 2016 was the dark night of my soul.

Everything has changed ever since that dreadful ordeal — my disposition, my outlook in life, my philosophy. It was a painful transformation. I often wonder if everyone, at some point in their lives, would have to go through the same crux. The experience was so harrowing, but it’s something that you probably won’t understand unless you’ve gone through it.

That, plus quarter-life crisis. A perfect recipe for insanity.

My anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, and I’d term the pair “the fog” from this day on. The fog lorded it over my 2016 like an eternal winter, and thank the gods the sun’s shining again. Once in a while, the fog drops by for a quick visit — but at least now I know how to entertain an unwelcome guest — sort of.


Anyway, I was browsing my hard drive and found these Batangas photos that I took 7 years ago. My, how time flies! Back then, Burot beach in Calatagan was an uncharted territory. I never saw it featured in any blogs; I just read about it on a newspaper (what a hippie!). Now, I heard a popular real estate developer is planning to build a resort here. Ho-hum.

We also stopped by Faro de Cabo Santiago, a beautiful Spanish-era lighthouse somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Too bad we didn’t get past the gate —  the caretaker was not there when we visited. From the looks of it though, I could say that the lighthouse was well-maintained.

I can’t remember what’s gotten into us but we managed to drive all the way to the town of Taal from Calatagan, thus the Taal Basilica photos.

Sorry, I can’t produce an interesting narrative about this place — maybe it’s just one of those weekenders that I desperately wanted to pull off. Haha!

*These photos were taken using a D40, post-processed to simulate the “lomo” effect. 


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