Nostalgie de la Boue

12837728_1320755307940073_1636248642_oI grew up in a house where tuyô was a breakfast staple.

That salty bastard of a fish, along with a relish of tomatoes and onions, a vinegar-calamansi dipping sauce and god-knows-how-many-platefuls of freshly steamed white rice.

Back in the days, tuyô was an ubiquitous symbol of the great unwashed– after all, it was being sold at 50 cents each. While a breakfast of tuyô isn’t so bad, eating it every single day would still be considered a gastronomical torture. Continue reading “Nostalgie de la Boue”

Biri, Northern Samar: Alien Topography


The otherworldy shapes and colors of Biri’s rock formations readily evoke a phantasmagorical scene, like something out of a Starcraft map. Tidepools display a mesmerizing gradient of turquoise fading into a subtle seafoam green; oddly-shaped metamorphic rock sculptures blanketed with a verdant carpet of grass, jutting out of the waters of the mighty San Bernardino Strait– whose elements, the wind and the waves, continue to shape, mold, twist, break and build even the grandest megalith in its unforgiving territory through the years– and maybe even through countless eons to come. Continue reading “Biri, Northern Samar: Alien Topography”

Tawi-Tawi: Heavenly Hinterlands


So, Tawi-Tawi happened.

It was not really my most unnerving feat to date, as I’ve been to Basilan not just once, but twice. You see, Basilan is dubbed as one of the most dangerous provinces of the Philippines, along with Sulu. The province of Tawi-Tawi bookends the southernmost chain of the Sulu archipelago, earning an uncalled-for stigma of compromised peace and order situation that its neighbors are infamous for.

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Luisiana, Laguna: Waterfalls Wonderland

DSCF9191Pagsanjan Falls is probably one of the most famous waterfalls in all of the Philippines, as we’ve been reading about it since we were in elementary school. But do you know that Pagsanjan Falls is geographically located in the town of Cavinti, and not in Pagsanjan? The official name of the waterfalls, according to the locals, is Magdapio Falls– but because it was more accessible through the waterways of the Pagsanjan River, it was eventually called Pagsanjan Falls, as how it is famously known to this day.

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Hipster-ing with Vintage Cameras

12615699_10153901295653276_8477818728855915889_oJust a few stills developed from the 24-exposure film I used on Henry’s Yashica Electro 35 (an expired roll of Fujifilm Superia 200).

Wait a sec… develop? Film?! How is that even still a thing? Are you in some kind of a hipster movement?

Call us hipsters, but there’s something romantically nostalgic/nostalgically romantic about photos taken using analog cameras. Just look at that photo of Henry above. (It’s my personal favorite among the bunch I took at our recent Manila photowalk.) Continue reading “Hipster-ing with Vintage Cameras”